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Art Pieces

This aspect began when we were asked to decorate a large room and entrance hall. Decoarting the room was familiar but a more constricted space was new to us. As we worked to create a separate piece that held it's own, dynamic colours of string, tied in triangular shapes formed to make an artistic entrance piece that we absolutely loved. So if you've geot an event that needs a statement piece created, we can provide for you! Have a look below for other art pieces that we've been tasked to create.

This is one of the biggest pieces we hav

Bespoke Gifts

It could be a quote, a favourite phrase, watercolour, fine pen, on wood, in a frame, basically, we are up for creating gifts that aren't massed produced but one of a kind and unique to you and your giftee. Perhaps you want to treat yourself? We can create something for you that reminds you of your favourite person or maybe a favourite quote!


Personalised Gifts

There's nothing quite like a personalised gifts that belongs to one person and one person alone. Unqiue, special, thoughtful, meanigful and creative, your loved one is bound to feel just that bit more valued with a personalised gift that they'll never forget.

*Prices vary depending on request but typically, a personalised frame or wooden slab would begin at £15.

Delivery is available at a small cost for any gift so you can order one wherever you find yourself. 

Get in contact to receive your individual quote.

We created this pallet for Heart Notting
Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 17.59.39.png
We love these crates and they worked per


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